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The following are extracts from the Suzuki Service Manual published in May 1969. I hope to have the whole manual on the site eventually but this will take time and I will add sections as time permits.

As most of the questions I get are about the carburettors, wiring and timing, these are the sections I have started with. I only have a photocopy of the manual, so the quality is not too good, but all of it is readable.

Exploded diagram of carburettor
  General description
  Main Components - page 1
  Main Components - page 2
  Main Components - page 3
  Disassembling - page 1
  Disassembling - page 2
  Adjusting - page1
  Adjusting - page 2
  Adjusting - page 3
Wiring Diagrams
  Wiring Diagram - front
  Wiring diagram - rear
  GT500 PEI Ignition system
Exploded Engine Diagrams
  Engine diagram 1
  Engine diagram 2
Timing for points (T500)
and electronic (GT500)
  T500 timing (1) - Suzuki Manual
  T500 timing (2) - Suzuki Manual
  T500 timing (3) - Suzuki Manual
  T500 timing - Clymer manual 1
  T500 timing - Clymer manual 2
  GT500 Electronic timing - Clymer manual
GT500 PEI Electronic Ignition
  PEI description and wiring (1)
  PEI description (2)
  PEI wiring
  Exploded diagram
  Description and operation
  Inspecting (1)
  Inspecting (2)
Torque Settings
  Torque settings diagram
  Other Torque Settings

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